Skin at Karma

Mel & Lauren Karma’s senior skin therapists have over 10 years industry experience in skin care & treating the skin.

At Karma we specialise in treating skin conditions with lasting results not just quick fixes.

Using a combination of in salon treatments & home care plans we have achieved phenomenal results.

At Karma we treat the skin with Environ Skincare & Advanced nutrition programme.

Why Environ…

At Karma we believe in making lasting results to the skin not just fluff and puff products that smell good!

Environ is a top medical grade product that achieves lasting results .. it is a change of lifestyle not the just the latest trend in skincare.

Pioneered by skin cancer surgeon Dr.Des Fernandes Environ’s core philosophy is to achieve a ” healthy” skin.  The core ingredient of all Environ products is Vitamin A.

-Vitamin A is the only known molecule that keeps the skin healthy and helps to provide anti ageing benefits.

-it has been proven that vitamin A promotes the skins natural moisturising properties and helps to promote that healthy glow.

-It strengthens the skins out layers to to keep it looking firm. Stimulates the production of natural protein to keep the skin looking healthy.

-It supports the skins immune system and helps appearance of breakouts. It also assists in the reducing the likelihood of developing skin cancers.

Top picture before using Environ

Bottom picture after using Environ

Skin Treatments at Karma…

Your first treatment at Karma will include a skin consultation & analysis to understand your skin concerns & goals.  We will then tailor your treatment to your concerns. On every treatment after your initial consultation we will re-consult to check we are achieving your goals.

We use the innovative one of a kind Environ DF machine in every facial. It is the only skin care machine to combine sonophorisis & iontophoresis ( radio & electrical currents) this unique combination encourages deeper penetration of serums and vitamins that we use in your treatment.  This allows us to reach the deeper layers of the skin where results are achieved. One hour of an Environ treatment is equivalent to 7o hours of manual facials.

65 minute treatment £65

80 minute treatment £80

Cool peel treatment

The Cool peel from Environ is a state of the art skin peeling technology. Using lactic acid to gently micro exfoliate the skin whilst still keeping its integrity & health in tact. It is the perfect treatment for Acne, Acne rosacea, photo damaged, sun damaged & textural damaged skins.

Cool peel results after 6 months of treatment.

Skin consultation & analysis.

If you would like to speak to a highly trained Environ therapist please fill in the form below & we will be in touch.

We will not sell products without a skin consultation, we can ship internationally.